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You lied ! You cheated ! You betrayed !

So you bleed for your sin
We all know where you have been :
To the point of no return
Now your body burns
And you can scream all night long
Who cares ? ‘Cause now you’re gone
In a world of fantasy
Where no one wants to be
Now you feel the scorn
You know that you’ve done wrong

You betrayed
You betrayed

You never cared for me
And i think it’s plain to see
Doom is slapping back
Your face is but a mask
You once were so amused
Really thought you ruled
Evil is your mind
Shameful is your crime
Now you’ve got to pay
There’s nothin’ more to say

You betrayed

So get what you deserve
And don’t you have the nerve
To claim that you’ve been framed
Kicked out of your game
You were waiting for the night
To win without a fight
Darkness was your friend
It’s now within ‘till the end
Of that life of misery
You were too blind to see

You betrayed
You betrayed

Pierre Bellemare © Avril 2017


from SPY KILLER - EP, released May 6, 2017



all rights reserved


NowFuture Montreal, Québec

Pete Moss: vocals
Steph Deriff: guitars
Pat Chooly: bass
Alex Treeme: drums

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